Finding a path to more good days

Running around, playing, having fun. It’s what being a kid is all about. But when your child has asthma, it’s not always easy for them to join in. And you’re always trying to prevent the next emergency.

Rethink your child’s asthma if they’re:

  • Experiencing significant symptoms, including difficulty breathing, more than 2X a week

  • Using an asthma rescue medication more than 2X a week

  • Waking up during the night due to asthma

  • Limiting activities that could trigger an attack

Be prepared.

Get an Asthma Action Plan to share with your
child’s school nurse and teacher.


Type 2 Inflammation:
Evolving science, new understanding

Science has recently discovered that a type of chronic inflammation can create an imbalance in the immune system for 85% of children who have asthma.

It’s called Type 2 Inflammation.

Interestingly, Type 2 Inflammation makes your child’s immune system overreact to common triggers like dust and pollen. It can also cause eczema and food allergies.



Have a new conversation

Now that you’re aware of Type 2 Inflammation, you have new things to talk about with your child’s doctor or asthma specialist. And that may lead to new treatment ideas.

Current treatments include

  • Quick-relief methods open airways but may cause side effects if used too often and do not address underlying Type 2 Inflammation

  • Preventative medications reduce asthma attacks overall but may affect the entire immune system

  • Inhaled corticosteroids and other oral medications may be used to prevent attacks but cannot treat the root cause of asthma caused by Type 2 inflammation

  • Biologics are other preventative treatments that target the specific source of inflammation, not the entire immune system

Answer the questions with your child and use the answers to talk with your child’s doctor.

  1. Does your child have significant asthma symptoms more than twice per week?

  2. Does your child lose sleep due to asthma?

  3. Does your child need to use a quick-relief medication more than 2X per week?

Talk to your asthma specialist so your kid can feel like a kid again.

Moving the future of asthma forward, together

Working together, we can bring awareness to severe asthma,
illuminate the latest science and empower people to take action
to strive for better asthma control.

Start using your next breath today to inspire others to get informed and
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