World Asthma
Day 2019

In recognition of World Asthma Day,
May 7, 2019, we are uncovering
''hidden truths'' of asthma.

Every person living with asthma experiences it differently, but all too often people
aren't aware that their asthma may be uncontrolled and considered severe,
stopping them from getting the care they may need.

Since people with this condition can appear fine on the outside, it can also be easy for others to
overlook the true burden that severe asthma can place on everyday life.

We've connected with communities from around the world to gather the hidden truths of people
living with severe asthma, paired with truths about the condition itself, to help us all identify the
signs. Uncover hidden truths now:


Discover more about severe asthma, its impact and its
causes - and find out how you can play a role in building
a brighter future for people living with the condition.